Divorce Law in New York, NY

When you are going through the emotional and difficult process of divorce, it is paramount that you have the assistance of a compassionate and caring New York City divorce lawyer. Lawrence Rothbart has served clients in New York for over 37 years, advocating for their interests in mediation sessions, collaborative law meetings and in the courtroom. His extensive experience in matrimonial law matters includes being assigned as a Special Referee and Law Secretary to a justice of the New York State Supreme Court assigned to the Matrimonial Part. New York was the last state to implement a no-fault divorce process, and Mr. Rothbart was a proponent in helping to change the law to make divorce more accessible to people. He welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your divorce and helping you to have a fresh start.

Providing Guidance During All Aspects of Divorce in New York
New York has specific laws related to divorce. These are often confusing for people who are first learning about them. Mr. Rothbart can answer any of your questions concerning the divorce process, including matters related to:

  • The division of your property and debt
  • Parenting plans for your children
  • Visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Options to resolve your case outside the courtroom

Contact a Dedicated New York City Divorce Lawyer
Lawrence N. Rothbart is dedicated to helping you leave your marriage on your terms. He can guide you with compassion and sensitivity through all aspects of your case. Contact him online or call (212) 812-0694 to set up a confidential consultation.