Online Family Mediation ResolutionThe recent pandemic has created major disruption for all aspects of many people’s lives, including their jobs, normal living and their co-parenting relationships. Due to the crisis, you must be able to take swift action to confront these challenges while also protecting your health and safety. For these reasons, Larry Rothbart is currently offering online family mediation, which provides you with a fast and convenient way to resolve your family’s legal issues.

Resolutions to COVID-19 Family Legal Issues
The COVID-19 outbreak has presented many family legal challenges, placing many parents in an anxious state. They may also be struggling financially due to the impact on the economy. Already strained co-parenting relationships may have become completely tenuous during this difficult time.

Some of the unique challenges that the situation has presented include:

  • How to account for parenting time during a shelter in place order
  • How to tend to a child’s education through distance learning while still working
  • How to meet current financial obligations after being laid off, self-quarantined or furloughed
  • How to implement hygiene measures in separate homes to reduce the possible spread of the virus
  • What to do if you and the other parent do not agree about healthcare or other issues concerning your child
  • What to do if the other parent is taking action that you think may jeopardize your child’s health
  • How to limit unnecessary travel as related to a child
  • Whether changes should be made to the custody agreement due to health concerns or travel limitations
  • Whether any changes are necessary because one of you is a healthcare worker or otherwise overextended during this time

Fortunately, you can resolve these issues and others through the process of online family mediation.

The Online Family Mediation Process
Online Family Mediation ProcessOnline family mediations make it possible for families to settle their disputes online without having to make an in-person appearance. While this approach is perfect during this current public health crisis, it is also ideal for busy professionals, parents who live far away from each other or people who may not be otherwise able to make a physical appearance.

The meeting is conducted through video or teleconference. Larry Rothbart uses exceptional conflict resolution skills he has developed over many years of practice as a lawyer and mediator. By uncovering your mutual interests and getting you to focus on the best interests of your child, Mr. Rothbart can help you reach an amicable agreement. He does not impose any judgment on you as a judge does. Instead, his role is a neutral facilitator who encourages you to reach an agreement on your terms while avoiding the costly and contentious process of litigation.

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How do online family mediations work?
Using a mobile device, you and the other party connect over a virtual platform where you can see and hear the mediator. The mediator then proceeds with family mediation, which operates largely the same as if you were in person. The mediator guides you through the process and resolves the legal issues that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other changes. At the end of the process, you sign a new agreement that is tailored to your particular needs.

What do I need to bring to my virtual consultation?
Before you schedule your online mediation, you should provide some basic background on you and your case. Provide copies of the most recent court orders that apply to your case. Additionally, provide any documentation that supports your position, such as recent check stubs if you were recently laid off and are having trouble meeting your financial obligations.